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Low voltage, high pressure control device know LED goods
Release date:2015-12-21 11:12


Low voltage, high pressure control device know LED goods



Type a, low-voltage high-power LED goods control apparatus

Voltage 12 v type low voltage LED products usually planning - 36 v, each loop LED number 3-6 series, with step-down current-limiting resistance, below each loop current 20 ma. An LED products LED by multiple loop


, advantage is low, the structure is brief, simple plan; Defect is: product planning large when the current is very big, need to be equipped with a low voltage switch power supply. Because of the defects of goods, low pressure is not likely to distance


From the transmission, it is limited to the small size of goods, as placard text, pictures, etc. According to the characteristics and control apparatus planning standards: the selection of the 12 v 75 a/v 30 MOS power tube control, output


Current 8 a/way; 24 to 36 v chooses 60 a/v 50 MOS power tube, the output current is 5 a/way. The user can be selected according to the above standard control device, jump to low pressure series, the mutation of choose and buy


Also choose and buy low pressure series control device. Note that the LED is necessary, Yang (+) connection method, control device control Yin (-), manipulation of the device does not include the low voltage power supply.


Second, the high pressure control device type LED goods


High pressure type LED product planning communication/dc voltage is 220 v voltage, each loop LED number 36-48 series, each loop current below 20 ma, current-limiting method has two kinds, one kind is a current limiting resistor,


This method of resistance power consumption is larger, advocate use every 4 1/4 w LED string by one metal mould resistance, uniform heat dissipation, this kind of connection in the current is the most safe. The other is a current limiting resistor capacitor in series


, this kind of connection most of the voltage drop on the capacitance, resistance power consumption is small, can only be used in the safe state of long bright, if flashing condenser type, voltage double instead, LED easy damage. Any use to manipulate


LED is necessary to use current-limiting resistance method, LED usually each circuit of a meter, 5 w, three color 15 w power per meter. Common mutations NE112K control device control dc 1200 w, NE103D communication load


1500 w, 4500 w dc load if lamp flashing unit will use NE112K more, if only need to use NE103D overall flicker. If using mutation method, should pay attention to the load matching, neon lights


And LED luminous distribution characteristics of different, can't meet the same circuit of different types of loads.


Three type, low voltage LED commodity serial control apparatus

LED type low voltage control way the commodity characteristics of serial control points, using serial signal transmission to control intention, usually 512 unit control only need four control wires, tandem LED control device


Need in LED light source plate is equipped with register, manipulation can choose type NE040S manipulation, the manipulation of maximum capacity reach 4096 kbit, if load 512 units of the LED can achieve maximum 8192 picture.


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