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When the car audio modification to allocate knowledge
Release date:2015-12-21 11:12

When the car audio modification to allocate knowledge


Car audio and home stereo system, same is fastidious demand allocation, especially in HI - FI levels of audio devices, allocate appropriate, can give full play to the system's potential, deployment of wrong words, occurs "bottlenecks", namely the sound quality is not the most excellent that some links to resolution, but the worst part. In this way, the sound quality may not meet your requirements, and also spent injustice, the ion of unnecessary waste. Thus, advance know the deployment of common sense, car audio for the preparation of modified car stereo juyou is very necessary.

In blending system, the question first consider the following two aspects: one is the power of each link of the match, the two sound orientation is not the same brand device.

Each link of power matching is one of the most important factors in the process of allocating, its output directly to a great extent on the stand or fall of quality, but is very short, hold up drivers to ensure was quick to learn.

For most consumers, choose a good power amplifier is important than choose the famous brand speakers or the nose, the demand on the amplifier input more money compared the speaker or the nose, it is easy to get a good sound.


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