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The basic knowledge and usage of car in car audio power amplifier
Release date:2015-12-21 11:11

The basic knowledge and usage of car in car audio power amplifier


Car audio hall of the activity as lonely journey into a kind of enjoyment. Whether or not the car audio enthusiasts, in the face of these filled with metallic equipment will be deeply attracted by its unique magnetic. But maybe about a few people, how satisfied the choose and buy gratified audio equipment is a difficult problem. By gold finger under the car service to introduce some tips in the choice of some amplifiers, determine the same benchmark amplifier, power is the most important parameters in the sound system, said a sound system on load ability. This is also the owner should be paid attention to when buying first * 12 *. But if each manufacturer with different measurement benchmark to identify the product performance, short enough to view it is often difficult to make objective comparisons. Power amplifier is also so, in the identification of amplifier should be paid attention to the following three points:

First, the battery voltage.

Car battery voltage is often change, about two common identification: 14.4 V, 12 V / 100 w / 100 w power amplifier is a completely different two kinds of power. Because in the process of the car on the road at about 12 v voltage, and so on of the measured power under 12 v voltage value is more close to the real situation. And voltage 12 v as a benchmark to identify the power amplifiers in more than 12 v to get more power.

Second, THD harmonic distortion rate:

In compare the continued power output of the power amplifier, must be the same in (or close to) stop under THD value. Tested under different values of THD difference in sound quality is very clear, sometimes the identity of the maximum power is very high, but is it really and noise is also very high. So in the reflection of the maximum power at the same time should also pay attention to the identification of THD value.

Thirdly, the frequency range:

Continue to the power output of the power amplifier should be used in the actual frequency range to stop testing. About the power of the power amplifier, should identify complete testing scope, only logo doesn't make any sense to a certain frequency power value. After determined the same benchmark, we can compare amplifier. Usually, when the sound system of choose and buy generally follow the principle of high power output. The power amplifier output power, the greater the shows that they drive the speaker can also stronger. Power amplifier power should be greater than the speaker's instructions, if choose small power, when the temporary use of high power output, easy to burn out, will cause distortion of poor quality, such as fault.

High quality power amplifier should be factors

Only with high-power text introduction, of course, is not can better astronomical power amplifier is good or bad. High quality power amplifier must also can rapid response to the music signal peak, as well as the corresponding strong high, and in the condition of low distortion/low noise can provide bumpy output. To meet these requirements, it must have the following points:


First of all, it is the power of the excellent performance. It is the key to the around amplifier timbre. Its power supply department and narrow department should separation design, can reduce the noise. Using large step-up transformer to improve the supply of stable current, and large capacitor, can make more fast response, supply the current required to shrink.

Second, the parameters of the built-in equalizer. Automotive electronics and home electronics are very different, the installation position of the speaker is very limited, the adjustment of the voice is very important. In addition, because of the head and the window covering the sound effects and the tweeters brought on by the installation Angle of sonic chaos, car audio system sound effects. When work is a parametric equalizer, it can be peaks and troughs of the above causes sound waves to stop compensation, adjust the sound field of a smooth.

Moreover, it is built-in frequency divider. No matter how good the function of power amplifier itself, the actual installation in the car, will be all kinds of audio, speakers configuration problems and cannot reach the best effect. In order to restraint the, in addition to parametric equalizer using frequency divider. Built-in frequency divider has two benefits: first, the system has expanded, the free end of the power amplifier and speaker combination. The other, makes the complex and easy adjustment. So you can make a whole set of system of quality improved. Tomorrow we don't use the external frequency division system is introduced.


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