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Car audio debugging amplifier gain modulation in how to do?
Release date:2015-12-21 11:10

Car audio debugging amplifier gain modulation in how to do?


When a car stereo resettlement has been completed, a tion is the first amplifier gain modulation. So-called the input gain of the amplifier, agility, also called input modulation gain set the room of the host signal output, its efficacy is when host output volume the biggest, also makes the power output of the power amplifier to reach maximum. No way to gain as the volume modulation device.


If you gain modulation, set too often cover amplifiers into the state, the about clipping distortion. If set too small, often was to make the best power amplifiers play out.


Gain modulation of the key is to determine the largest host a voltage or volume, deal with senior technician can be judged by listen, is best to use hand-held oscillograph to set-up. Fundamental pace is as follows:

1, the beginning will host the volume and power amplifier gain modulation to a minimum.


2, the second is to host a variety of signal disposal penalty efficacy is closed, the BAL, FAD, LOUND and so on are all zero.


3, made a CD of conform to the audition. Use pure audio signal to debug, probably the whole frequency power amplifier as usually with 1 KHZ, adjustable bass power amplifier with 40-50 hz.


4, gradually changing the volume of the host distortion, until I hear or see it with oscilloscope, clipping distortion of back again small volume until hear distortion, the volume of the host is strong in this position.


5, and then gradually big amplifier gain, until you are the hope of the volume, careful not to breed a distortion. If debugging is the use of pure audio signal, also can be slightly adjusted gain to pure small clipping distortion of audio signal.


If another electronic frequency divider in the system, or try, EQ, etc to ancestors line set-up.


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