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The LED driver IC promote intelligent lighting
Release date:2015-12-21 11:09

The LED driver IC promote intelligent lighting


Leds have excellent controllability of characteristics, making it in lighting applications are more likely to achieve the brightness is adjustable, adjustable color light, natural light, active control effect, such as intelligent lighting effect is becoming more and more valued by people. With LED lights, LED indoor lighting, such as growth of developed market, since this year intelligent dimmer trend increasingly throughout and enlargement, also directly promote the with intelligent control effect of the LED driver IC of innovation and growth, each LED driver IC manufacturers are beginning to save its product intelligent open as soon as possible.

Intelligent control will be in the LED category

Intelligent lighting system is increasingly popular, according to the forecast, intelligent control in 2015 will be used throughout in the LED category.

"Fronted the month of the last century, people compare Ming demand is very simple, important is to handle the basic illumination topic. Then, with the progress of people survival rate and survival quality, light green energy-saving lighting begins to be valued, slowly become the latest must-haves in the planner intelligent lighting system." In open plan care co., LTD. (the CCDI) skills, vice President li xinlin said to the reporter, "intelligent lighting not only can make the lighting more save electricity, environmental protection, can also through the intelligent control to simulate different scenarios of light as a result, the use of infrared, video, action, such as timing skills ability to realize intelligent lighting control, so as to reach the most peaceful, the most efficient lighting results."

Deal with indoor lighting, "intelligent" a strange weather is through intelligent control to create peace and energy saving of lighting conditions. (Shanghai), senior director of philips research Asia Ceng Yongqin also said: "as the calculating machine skills, communication skills, active control, signal detection, microelectronics skills such as agile growth and permeable excretion, during the lighting in the intelligent control. On the one hand can improve lighting intelligent control system for degree, eliminate lighting system maintenance of capital; on the other hand also can save resources, elimination of lighting system operating capital. At the same time by using intelligent control can change the credentials condition and objective request, the user needs, take the initiative to collect the inion of the lighting system and elucidating the collect inion held by the corresponding logic, reasoning, decisive, and to elucidate the results according to the requirements of the situation, transfer, storage, performance, and a corresponding state of inion feedback, control, to reach the expected result."

High LED industry research institute (GLII), is expected in 2015, the intelligent control will be used throughout in the LED category. Intelligent control important LED application is now in the street light and tunnel light authorities such as engineering, intelligent control LED products have been launched, mass consumption due to the ordinary lighting LED application has not been widespread throughout, group on the proportion of intelligent LED application product is relatively small.

Driving skills adjustable light category as soon as possible

Drive manufacturer additional efficacy in LED driver circuit integration, in order to realize the intelligent control of the LED chip.

With past differences, due to the rapid growth of LED indoor lighting, the more "intelligent" ground since this year, particularly is drive manufacturers at the completion of "the labor of things" at the same time, constantly integrated some additional efficacy in LED drive circuit, in order to realize the intelligent control of the LED chip.

Most previous product planners to compare Ming intelligent demand is relatively simple, usually pause in hope for the LED brightness, color can make corresponding change in different application places organized, easily to complete the mission is to drive circuit. PWM (pulse width modulation) is a traditional dimming method, which USES simple digital pulse and repeat switch LED drive, system only need to provide the digital pulse of wide and narrow difference, and can simply make the transition to output current, and modulation of the LED brightness. Nothing more than, along with the growth of intelligent lighting, simple adjustable brightness has means less than satisfied with the market demand, pile the international line lighting intelligent control products market has begun to structure.

Rohm semiconductor (Shanghai) co., LTD. Deal with department of propaganda planning class director western ferry schiff, LED lighting, is opening up a lamp, sell a product so simple. Be intelligent lighting not only can make the lighting more save electricity, environmental protection, also can through to the peace, the most efficient lighting intelligent control as a result, the market demand is very strong now. So-called intelligent lighting refers to the ordinary LED lamps and lanterns on the base of give it stronger control ability and more effect. Against roma, it not only strength described above a variety of skills, skills in sensor also has a lot of resumes accumulation. Other, roma had also acquired a Lapis semiconductor subsidiary, have very strong MCU skills. After integrating these skills, you can open up a lot of wonderful intelligent lighting products. Good led out of lighting system, into the light in some area, will take the initiative to lights, people out after the initiative to turn off the lights. Staff income less room, can guard against forget to turn off the lights, can you improve power saving as a result, increasingly highlight LED energy saving cost. Is like a war without switch, again through a control sensor, owe heng on fighting, only by feel the body and all the light to change, can modulation the brightness of the light, bright, dark, may be shut, can open, not fight hand directly, stop pollution, practical in places such as hospitals, schools, site of the clean room, bathroom, etc.


Marvell semiconductor company that LED to the large deflection of intelligent, energy-saving lighting industry should grow on. Marvell green skills product marketing director LanceZheng points out, from the point of the whole market, dimmer and dimmer of capital difference is constantly narrowing, huge market, particularly is intelligence that move light.

Wireless intelligent control is a key in the future

LED lighting is easy to realize wireless intelligent lighting control, will be for a period of time in the future growth of the intelligent control bias.

But for LED lighting, intelligent lighting point of view is far more than that. Look from the method of intelligent, important from two aspects of drive power supply and control system. LED lighting is easy to realize wireless intelligent lighting control, will be for a period of time in the future growth of the intelligent control bias. Wireless control method has a lot of kinds, JenNet - IP and Zigbee ability is thought to be the most appropriate wireless LED lighting wireless skills.

Than the Zigbee as a wireless communication skills, under the increasingly throughout the entourage of intelligent lighting, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and lanterns, the sensor can be, timers, remote control and switch to easily access a unified network. Consumers will be able to easily placed about product, and add other devices in the lighting network, compare Ming building intelligent system has important role. Texas instruments semiconductor skills (Shanghai) co., LTD., business development manager Zhou Xiang introduction, philips announced a embrace each month last year 10 ZigBee light adjacent example, $199 light regulation of intelligent lighting products, cover three adjustable light LED lights and gateway. ZigBee + Ethernet interface is integrated in the gateway, the gateway after cable connection, via phone or tablet can download HUE modulation light bright degree, big strides easy manipulation.

The plan provided by grace wisdom pu and practical in the two modes. JenNet - IP is a kind of skills based on 6 lowpan wireless network protocol stack, designed for IEEE802.15.4 interconnected network plan, can be used for residential and industrial category. JenNet - IP is the physical layer and Zigbee is same, but in the protocol layer, compared to the Zigbee has the open capital is low, the essential characteristics of the space is little, extensibility, stronger. ZigBee scope only within a local area network (LAN), and the JenNet - IP can realize the control of the whole building. Grace wisdom pu semiconductor, senior vice President of greater China sold in jinan and markets Ye Yuliang performance, well hope of pu for intelligent lighting is to make each light bulb with a IP, solidarity with the network characteristics, lighting control.


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