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How to choose the home audio
Release date:2015-12-21 11:07

How to choose the home audio


Home hifi stereo points and AV two kinds, if you like to listen to pure music like symphony, singing, piano and so on the choice of the hifi box, hifi box is 2 channel, without a subwoofer, because they already have wide frequency band, then choose pure hifi amplifier, two channel power amplifier. If like home theater, see movies, they suggest you configure 5.1 or 7.1 channels, is only 5 (7) independent of speakers and a subwoofer, also must have the corresponding AV power amplifier.


If you pay attention to the sound quality, first of all be clear:


1, the right place. How much sound in place, and environmental acoustic processing properly, pay attention to, not a sound-absorbing processing! Sometimes you may need to increase some reflections. Small bookshelf speakers for more than 20 square meters in the room, the ground of the suitable place in 30 ~ 40 square meters or so.


2, the overall concept. Sound system is a whole, even the power cord, signal has a great effect on the sound, see what he gave you to listen to the collocation of CD (audio), power amplifier, in high-end systems, sound box is the most easily


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