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Car stereo peculiar charm
Release date:2015-12-21 11:04

Car stereo peculiar charm



People FengSuXing to family some consumption view is extended to the car stereo sound, this is really a myth. Car audio in WaiYang is a relatively independent industry, even though there are many engaged in home audio industry manufacturers also produce car audio equipment deployment, but more to the production of car audio set equipment deployment factory is specialized is engaged in the production of car audio. Is also due to their lack of home electronics products, with is that of collecting consumers know very little about them, and make consumption bias also around the greater curvature. Therefore, only the consumer understanding of progress (at least not a wrong thoughts to choose), in order to make every cent all the way down, buy real pleasure of satisfaction. Audio, car audio and family, after all, what are the differences?



A, component difference

Remember: the purchase of home electronics, did you buy the whole thing; Buy car stereo, you buy is fundamentally parts.


With an example as a metaphor, home electronics, you can select a amp; While in the car audio, you can only choose the horn; Home audio, you buy to return to plugged in to things, and in the car audio, you buy back something doesn't even have a socket (even if there are also no place to plug socket), and even the bare wire didn't match.


With is, home electronics, step by step you can take your things back to thinking about, but if you drag a heap of car audio things come back, you will be dumbfounded, that's not thinking about things. Boil down to: family sound consumption, you think is what character and lay particular stress on the stand of the room. The car stereo, you not only to the character of thought things, otherwise is absolutely not neglect

- what skills and of settlement process. After dealing with, the overwhelming majority of owners and doesn't even have a fundamental point of view.



Second, the brand difference

Remember: do not only in your mind a little through the confessions of brand awareness himself to car audio neri.


It is also mentioned in front. The course of ordinary you will clear exposition. "Home appliances"

Growth in China for nearly 20 years, the word in color television, for example, Japan's several famous brand product to a few big card, probably even small pupil can now carry a name, and the Japanese electrical appliances merchants transverse product kinds is very complete, with transverse product is to think that other people to fruition is right it is better to construct, but the car stereo in WaiYang have independent growth over decades, it has become a professional category, it does not like the comprehensive business about sea do household confessions propaganda (confession is do propaganda for the auto industry of special groups). To is not shameful, now the consumer by transverse product of home appliance class to create a brand awareness, only the edge of car audio category, far to touch to the mainstream of car audio.


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