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How to put the motorcycle subwoofer sound?
Release date:2015-12-21 11:03


In the brake lamp switch Find a positive And then a switch series Adjacent sound red line In the storage battery cathode adjacent a wire to the stereo dark look line So much sound can be After open the switch Small switch power supply used to the sound The stereo on things

If built-in MP3 type subwoofer It is unnecessary in another again



If you are have one's voice recorded tape type machine You also need to adjacent two speakers or subwoofer Main point is as follows To have one's voice recorded on board should be in addition to red and dark look of wire Otherwise blue or good or bad design and color wires It is an audio line The wild side of the link to the speaker with this line Speakers at the other end adjacent to the cathode



If you want to settle the subwoofer Main point is as follows There are three terminal on the subwoofer One is the negative marked two positive and detailed It is better to switch control Or car And necessary adjacent line thick enough Lord more than 4 square Due to the current does not apply Affect the sound quality Even after the adjacent audio A circular jack on the subwoofer It is audio adjacent holes You only need to have one's voice recorded machine on audio connection is ok


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