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Driver IC performance LED screen realize energy saving
Release date:2015-12-21 11:03

Driver IC performance LED screen realize energy saving


Recently appeared on the market a matter of energy-saving LED screen, who are these screen would really energy-saving energy-saving LED performance, so how to plan and energy-saving LED screen performance? Let us how to elucidate energy saving performance plan.


See, from the point of power supply, if you would have a 5 V to 4 V, then, is the ratio of the pressure drop on the output voltage can be set to growth, this also let the switch power supply with low output voltage, the higher the proportion of rectifier schottky positive voltage (pressure drop their X = V/V output, the output from 5 V to 4 V, to participate in the pressure drop of 0.5 V, the proportion will rise from 0.1 to 0.125, progress 25%), the power output to the lower, the on LED screen group energy is not too hard to clear. Is to accept the principle of power supply plan is clearly could not be achieved to the promotion of power things. Is the nominal value at the same time, 5 v, on the market use has commensurate mature, if the new power supply voltage is enabled, although low obedience, increase of capital, but in character is difficult to secure and to is that it is difficult to achieve such practices.


Power supply plan is a mature than force category, can accept other thoughts a plan implementation degree of screen power supply, cases like step commutation skills. Q10 for power MOSFET, the secondary voltage of the positive half cycle, Q10 conduction, plays a role of rectifier Q10. In the secondary voltage of the negative half cycle, Q10 shut off, synchronous rectifier circuit power consumption is important everything Q10 conduction consumption and gate drive consumption. When the switching frequency is lower than 60 KHZ, conduction consumption dominant position; Switching frequency is higher than 60 KHZ, give priority to with gate drive consumption. In plans to lower output voltage, high current AC/DC or DC/DC changes, acceptance of synchronous rectifier skills can obviously progress power to obey, and even as high as 95%.


Second, we can carefully study the led screen driver IC, control output port shut about open, the output port pressure drop the VDS = 0.65 V, which are determined by the technology and material, the VDS reduced to 0.2 V, and 0.1 V, they need area must be increased. As you can see, in the layout of the MOS tube in GS, GD between parasitic capacitance, and MOS tube, reality is on charging and discharging of capacitance. This period of charging and discharging process is necessary, if growth area, parasitic capacitance on the MOS tube will also increase, at such a time, as a result of the is the whole land port corresponding rate of IC, which deal with a LED screen driver IC can be fatal flaws.


Want to start from the IC, therefore, the migration change voltage is low, at the same time make the driver IC has plenty of corresponding rate, is a process and decisive, it is difficult to achieve. Someone that can accept other planning principle, but if it is constant current IC, the internal circuit is probably disambiguation kind of dispute, but the switch tube channel port is must exist, though is to accept other planning principle, should think of the aim of the voltage drop is also difficult to achieve.


From the statement above, it is easy to invent, its really LED energy-saving, important still should start from the power supply, also is to say, state must be eliminated in driver IC constant-current power supply voltage input, and red, green and blue tube core leave, all power supply, can also reach energy-saving, nothing, only so much of the capital will grow. Start from the IC is indeed very difficult, also is to say, LED the implementation of energy-saving and IC basis, there is no connection, is only a reconstruction of power supply. Me it doesn't matter to make such assumptions, a power supply to use on the ordinary driver IC, reality, can reach the result of energy saving requirements.


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