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The assembly car audio circuit, power supply and other issues should be paid attention to
Release date:2015-12-21 10:58

The assembly car audio circuit, power supply and other issues should be paid attention to


A car is moving. Many people "living" in the car every day, even more than the house. As a result, the modern car, in addition to sit comfortable, no sweet, sweet music in the car seems to be not is a good car. To have sweet sweet music, and the right car audio system cannot little, of course, how to choose appropriate own car stereo?


Installation of car audio, the most important thing is to choose according to individual be fond of music and equipment. If like lyrical music, just don't have to be put on the large equipment. Basically a subwoofer speakers is enough. If the player itself is rock and roll music lovers, and often have the effect of shock, 8 inches or subwoofer speakers is 10 inches.


A good car audio, absolutely is not a simple cars, a power amplifier, can add a few medium horn. More than the more horn has the good sound. Because there is no good if the equipment, design, installation, debugging, it is a good speaker, also can't sing good music, on the contrary, improper installation, broadcast music, like a group of people who wasn't highly vocal music training in singing, can only pay for sin.


Good car audio design, in addition to selecting good stereo equipment, sound field is decisive to the layout of the elements. In this regard, the location of the horn, the sound rate of high and low will fully take care of, make the interior sound field covers for expanding, take care to the full.


In addition to the sound field, speakers and other high sound equipment, car environment also is static, to make the equipment into full play. In this respect, for the automotive shock absorption board installation is necessary, so that the vehicle, engine, body and wind noise caused by friction, passed in the car, can be effective shock absorption plate isolation from the outside. In addition, the stability of the power supply is finally take into account. To ensure the sound source are not subject to the power supply voltage instability.


Assembly in the process of car stereo with the following points should pay special attention to: first, try to close to the nt, the high if left too far away, there will be a serious phenomenon of frequency. If can use coaxial horn, namely high in alto, can effectively reduce the frequency and phase is easy to learn. Second, if the car inside the space is little, remember not to use three road design, due to the frequency error and affect the sound field. Third, the high position of directivity is absolutely determine the location of the sound field and depth, to test different position more. Fourth, the tenor part should choose high quality unit, its low frequency to down to 80 hz to build the dynamic performance to lead the sound field. Fifth, using the flight reservation machine, measurement to measure is correct. In addition, the door should be combined with shock absorption plate, to prevent low-frequency noise affects the sound field.


After meet the basic requirements of the high, middle, and the direction of the woofer with good later, again after tuning instrument, can acquire high quality audio in the car.


After good sound design, installation, of course also must take care to the overall aesthetic of the car. In this regard, is popular in recent years the fiber decoration. High fiber plasticity, can according to different speaker position such as design, make a different camber shapes, greatly improving the car shape aesthetic feeling. Make the car not only has good sound effects, also provide bigger play space for car audio assembly.


And economic practical car audio players might as well on track to purchase equipment, this method can not suddenly wallets, and can be assembled into good equipment. However, this approach, the first player to plan an investment plan, create a list of the choose and buy, according to the arrangement of the urgency to buy components. Purchased this step by step, finally to acquire for vehicles with good equipment, the highest audio enjoyment.


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