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Enterprise mission: to make the company's brand in the industrial scale and to become the industry leader, and maximize service to the community.
Enterprise spirit: diligent, professional, united.
Corporate culture: a people-oriented.
Talent Concept: Human resources as the first resource; values in the identity under the premise of the company, people-centered sustainable development of enterprises lies.
Brand concept: set and sincere efforts to fight the brand's first embedded industrial computer industry brand.
Service philosophy: patience, thoughtful, and strive to allow customers to move.
Quality policy: customer-oriented, take pride in quality, continuous improvement, striving for famous brand.

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Company: guangzhou HuaChen electronics co., LTD. (020) 8463-8576/8676 fax: (020) 8463-020

Address: guangzhou panyu stone town 20 IQ of songshan road, wei industrial park building

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